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RKI Products

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RKI, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high durability truck equipment.  Founded in 1911 as Koenig Iron Works, Inc. and joined with Texas Manufacturing & Fabricating/Rawson Industries, Inc. in 1987, the company remains a family owned business.

RKI's commitment to you is more than graphics and gimmicks; it is to provide you with the best built and longest lasting truck products available, and that commitment is defined by the only full line Lifetime Warranty in the industry. Please understand their warranty was not born of some marketing scheme. It exists simply because RKI products last ... period! They design their products for people who don’t just drive their trucks; they use their trucks.






This warranty applies to anything we have manufactured.

The warranty applies to the original owner of the product for as long as he or she owns the product.

If something goes wrong which we determine was our fault we will repair or replace your product. The warranty doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear.

Be sure to call your local distributor  if you have a problem. We need the opportunity to talk to you about it. We may ask you to email us pictures or ship the product back to us for inspection.

Parts that we use but don’t manufacture are covered to the extent of the warranty we get from the company that does manufacture them.

No loss of use coverage. No freight coverage. Repairs have to be authorized by us, in writing, in advance. No coverage if the product has been changed in any way.

To qualify for warranty the product must have been treated with respect in regard to normal installation, maintenance, and usage.

RKI Service Body

RKI understands customers' diverse storage, convenience, and structural requirements and creates products that meet them on target and on budget. All RKI service bodies are heavy duty bodies designed to give long-lasting superior service


> 14 gauge galvanneal steel construction. 
> Double panel doors with 14 gauge galvanneal outer panel and 18 gauge
   galvanneal inner panel.
> 12 gauge tread plate floor. 
> 3/16" A50 high strength steel formed crossmembers at front and rear of body. 
> 10 gauge high strength steel formed intermediate crossmembers. 
> 3 full length 14 gauge formed “hat” channel longitudinals for full length floor support. 
> Stainless steel integral rod door hinge pins. 
> Stainless steel pillow blocks with self-lubricating bushings. 
> Stainless steel paddle latches. 
> Body fully undercoated. 
> Lifetime warranty.

RKI Underbody Toolboxes

> 14 Gauge or Thicker Steel Construction 
> High Security Stainless Steel Hinges 
> Tough Polyester Powder Coat Finish 
> Full-size Easy to Grab Stainless Steel Paddle Latches

RKI Cranes

RKI designs and manufactures premium-quality cranes that are used by the nation’s premier fleets. With lift capacity ranging  from 2,000 to 6,400 pounds, one of their cranes is ideally suited to your most demanding requirements.

The RKI engineering and design departments utilize the latest in computer assisted design and stress testing evaluation to supply products that are designed for the most demanding environments.